7 Strategies To Get More Guest Blog Post Invitations

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Book bloggers who have popular websites can provide powerful promotion opportunities for book authors. Bloggers can help authors drive up sales and build their reputations. Here are our expert marketing tips for how to get featured as a guest blogger on more websites in order to promote your writing:

How To Get More Invitations To Be A Guest Blogger And Promote Your Writing

Chat on social media. Bloggers love their audiences—and if you’re a genuine fan, they might love you too! Leaving comments on blog posts and social media profiles can help your target blogger recognize your name (and build your reputation among readers as well). Just don’t be too aggressive; be a genuinely supportive voice for the blogger you love, and that blogger just might support you back.

Connect in person. Authors who have blogs regularly show up at writing conferences all over the country. Not only will attending a writing conference let you network with agents and editors, but you’re sure to meet bloggers as well. Keep your business card handy and be prepared with ideas for mutual promotion.

Let bloggers know you’re available. Reach out with a friendly email that takes a no-pressure approach and tells bloggers what you have to offer (as opposed to asking for something from them). And make it clear that you’re flexible.

Hire a publicist who has connections. If networking isn’t high on your list, you may be able to hire a professional publicist who can help you connect with bloggers for guest blog spots, interviews, or book review quotes. Before you hire someone, be sure to ask how many guest blog posts the publicist is able to schedule for an author client.

Offer a giveaway. One of the best ways to get your favorite blogger to give you some coverage is to offer a freebie to the blog’s readers: A promotional gift basket or a free book are often attractive goodies. Sweeten the deal even further by promising to refer your existing followers to the blogger’s website to enter to win. Learn more about hosting a book promotion contest.

Suggest a guest blog post swap. Your author blog can be a great tool for encouraging other bloggers to promote your writing—especially if you’re willing to return the favor. Mutual guest blog posts that appear on the same day (and perhaps even cross-promote joint content) can mean big social sharing for everyone!

Share examples of guest blog posts. Sometimes, bloggers will be more excited about you if they know that you’ve done some successful guest blog posts before. Here are some tips for writing a promotional guest blog post. Bonus points if you can show that your guest posts brought a new audience to the bloggers who hosted you.

And If The Blogger Still Says “No”…

Don’t take a “no” personally: Sometimes, a blogger will turn you down as a matter of policy. Or perhaps he or she simply doesn’t read your type of book, or has too many guest blog posts lined up already. Whether the blogger you’re targeting agrees to let you do a guest blog post or not, always say thank you. If you play your cards right, a “no” right now might still become a “yes” sometime down the road.


Question: Have you ever written a guest blog post to promote your writing? Share a link in our comments section, along with a note about how you came to be offered the guest blog post opportunity.


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  1. Can you give me more examples of offering giveaways? I find this a really helpful tip to gather more invitations.

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