6 Eye-Catching Header Design Ideas For Your Author Website

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DIY Header

What’s the first thing visitors notice about your author website? Your header image—which is why it’s one of the most important aspects of your author website. The header you select will represent you and your writing to the world, so it must be memorable and professional.

But how do you know which elements will work best on your author website header? Consider these tips:

  1. Choose an image that makes sense for the theme of your writing and your author brand. Your header image should match the strongest motifs in your writing. If you’re a nature poet, consider an image of a forest, water, flowers, etc. For a science fiction writer, an image or a color/texture with a futuristic feel will immediately let visitors know they’ve come to the right place. A well-branded header image shows visitors the personality and themes of your writing before they read a single word on your site. Web Design Relief client Daniel C. Harris wrote a book focused on the grocery industry, so the header image features fresh produce:

DIY Header

  1. Your header image shouldn’t be too overpowering. We’re big fans of how a minimalist style can help your author website. Minimalism keeps visitors focused on your writing and supports the goals of your author website. And a minimalist design will also be more compatible with multiple viewing platforms, especially if you have a lot of text or a more involved image. Marc Hess’s site is an excellent example of a header that doesn’t overpower the author’s message:

DIY Header

  1. Balance a more complex header with a simple site design. A visually interesting header can certainly work for your author website and is especially effective for sharing a particular aspect of your writing or your own personality with readers. However, you’ll need to be careful not to make the rest of your site too busy, or else it will compete with your header image and visitors won’t know where to focus their attention. WDR client Peggy Hanson strikes a perfect balance:

DIY Header

  1. Don’t go overboard with textures and colors. Your color scheme can be a window to your personality, determine your site’s readability, and create the aesthetic for your entire site. Therefore, it’s important to pick a cohesive color scheme for your author website, as author J.R. Stewart has done here:

DIY Header

  1. Show some creativity when choosing a header font. The font in your author website header should capture your personality, be legible on all browsers, and complement the rest of your site. Selecting the right font for your header offers you an opportunity to be creative and have fun with your header design. Keep in mind that the font of your header doesn’t have to be the same font you use for the rest of your site, but all the fonts you choose should be complementary. Consider author B.J. Yudelson’s site, which shows how different fonts can work well together:

DIY Header

  1. Make sure the overall design of your header complements the rest of your site. Image, texture, color, and font—all of these elements should work together to create a header that complements your entire author website.

And remember that whatever your header preference, Web Design Relief is experienced in creating eye-catching, professionally designed headers that reflect our clients’ unique personalities and writing styles.

QUESTION: Which header element do you think makes the most impact on a website visitor?

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  1. This is important blog post for web design. I have learned a lots from this blog post. As, Header is important part of design. so, this is useful post.

  2. wow, this post is really great and relevant , as typography greatly affects usability and the overall aesthetics of the site. It is also one of the means of delivering the brand message!and you do provide brilliant ideas up to this point ))))

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